Custom Made Log Books

Our custom made log books are found on the leading yachts of the world.

Exceptional quality and finish

Our leather style cover and debossed logos on our custom made log books give only the most esteemed onboard impression from the very first moment.  With quality, heavy paper stock, data entry is a smooth and enjoyable process and our binding process ensures an easily manageable log book at all times.  

We push the boundaries of traditional style, with our team focused on the finest detail of the look, feel and functionality of your log book.  All final touches, finishes and look can be discussed with our world-leading team as part of your specific requirements.

Your logo is a key part of your vessel brand identity and is carefully debossed by our print team onto the cover and/or spine of your book in a range of finishes, including metallic.    

Customised from cover to cover

From size to colour to finish, our custom made log books are created to exact client specifications. 

We first discuss with you the exact purpose and required logs for your book.  Our team use your specific needs and their in-depth knowledge of yachts to work out the size and formatting you need.  Whether bridge log book, engine room log book or garbage log book, each page features tailored printed columns and layouts to provide all the customisation you need to accurately log and record your data.  In addition to all of the required data points we can also include additional pages for any data keys, contact details or procedures you would like noted.  



Every log book starts with a conversation with our clients. Tell us a bit more about what you need or simply send us your details and we will start the process.

A hassle-free process from a knowledgeable and skilled team

Generic log books can add unnecessary time to the running of a modern onboard environment, with high input demanded from senior crew members to ensure accuracy and correct logging.  Our team has over 20 years’ experience in the yacht and superyacht industry, we have innate understanding of most yacht layouts and can quickly develop accurate and appropriate custom made log books that create a streamlined logging process.   We can work with you according to your preferences, from just handwritten notes to edits to existing templates/generic versions.  

With decades in working with superyacht crew, management companies and new build projects, you are assured of our technical experience and know-how that makes a simple and stress-free experience for you, every step of the way.


We don’t just provide the beautiful and individually custom printed log books. We also offer a wide selection of other personally branded onboard items; these include ring binders, self-inking stamps, custom stationery and napkins, all of which add another element of customisation and personalisation onboard any yacht.