Time varies on log book production with variations in log books sizes and custom stamp creation. 

We will provide an approximate turnaround time once the project has commenced. 

Each log book will last a different amount of time as one log might be routinely used daily whilst another, such as the guest log, may be used only when it is needed. 

Some log books also use two page spreads for each day instead of one page per day, meaning that they will be filled much faster. 

On each log book page we have listed the approximate length of use, e.g. 3 months. 


We’ve made this a simple and straightforward process for your benefit! If you visit the contact page then you can use the file uploader at the bottom of the form. 

Please include any officiating/certifying logos and also your branding logo if applicable. 

We have an extensive range of generic logs which are £90 + VAT exclusive of shipping fees. 

We don’t have a set cost for our custom and livery products due to nearly all our clients having different requirements. If you are looking for a custom log book, please get in touch via our contact form, and we will be happy to provide you with a free quotation. 

Firstly, we require the essential information to get a quote together for your log(s)— orientation, size, cover material, blocking colour etc. Don’t worry about remembering all these as we will send you an email with bullet points of what information we need if you are unsure. 

Once we have all the required information, we will put together a quote and email it across to you for your approval. 

Once the quote is approved, we can get to designing your log. We will ask you to email us your logo and any details you would like included in the log(s). Some clients have a rough base to start from – This is typically a draft of the layout on an excel sheet. 

Once we have a draft put together, we send this across to you for you to amends – typically clients will print off the artwork and draw/write their amends on the sheet, scan it and send it back to us. 

The artwork will go back and forth between yourself and us until you are 100% satisfied with it. Once you are happy with the artwork, we ask you to sign our artwork approval form. 

Upon receipt of the artwork approval, we will put your log book(s) into production, where we give four weeks for them to be produced and shipped to you.

Once the log(s) have been collected from us via courier, we will send you a link to your tracking details. 

Our company office is based in Northumberland, UK but we ship our Generic and Custom log books worldwide. Our most common regions of shipments include EU, Far East, Asia and the USA. 

This will depend on the layout of your log’s pages. If your log is a 1 page a day (you will fill out just 1 page every day), then the book with last for six months. If your log is a 2 page a day (you will fill in 2 pages every day), then your log will last for three months. 

We advise four weeks from artwork approval for your logs to be produced and shipped from us. We ship your logs via courier. However, if you a reduced time scale, please let us know, and we can accommodate a quick turnaround. 

Once your order is confirmed, we will ask you for a billing address and shipping address for us to add into your invoice. We will then send your invoice via email for you to make payment either by Bacs or we accept credit/debit card payments. 

We can cater to the budget you have for your logs. We have a variety of options for our clients to choose from. 85% select Buckram for their book cover; however, we do offer a more premium cover in Wintan (recycled leather). We can also upgrade the paper quality if you require a more premium feel. 

The simple answer to this question is no. We provide books for commercial shipping companies; private individuals not associated with the yachting industry. We specialise in log books for yachts because we have a vast knowledge of the industry and their requirements. 

Yes. You can customise your book as much or as little as you wish on the front back and spine. The majority of our clients will have their logo and company/yacht name at the top of the book plus the logs name at the bottom or on the spine. i.e. (Deck log, Bridge Log, Guest log).