Bridge Log Book

Bridge Log
Longevity of use:
3 months

A luxury bridge log book that ensures legal and inspection compliance

The bridge log book is one of the most important documents on any vessel.

A legal requirement, it logs the position, tasks, actions and decisions taken on the bridge and the conditions in which they were made.  In the case of any inspection, insurance claim or incident it gives an accurate record of compliance with navigational rules (Rules of the Road) and accountability to those who have made the navigational and operational decisions.  The data is also relied on for building a picture of a vessel’s voyage or position in the case of an incident or inspection.

The LJ Bridge Log Book

L J Yacht Bridge Log Book is the result of extensive research with super yacht officers to understand their specific needs and wants for bridge data logging.  The result is a bridge log book that not only fulfils all legal requirements but is enhanced by additional logging points, content and information that creates the optimum yacht bridge log book.

Its double page spread enables ease of use with gridded pages for easy data recording.

Encased in stunning leather look binding with debossed metallic foiling, it is an asset to any bridge.

Our bridge log book includes the following data logging points:

  • Position of ship (longitude and latitude)
  • Voyage details
  • Watch routines, times of arrivals/departures/ETAs and drills
  • Course alterations, heading and compass errors
  • Navigation mark passing
  • Adverse movements of vessel
  • Fuel figures
  • Speed (knots and propulsion)
  • Manual steering tests
  • Steaming time
  • Ship’s complement
  • Weather and meteorological conditions
  • Distress signal responses

Every log book starts with a conversation with our clients.  Tell us a bit more about what you need or simply send us your details and we will start the process.