Engine Room Log Book

Bridge Log
Longevity of use:
3 months

A quality and compliant engine room log book

The engine room log book is a key legal document of the vessel, where the engineering team can keep records of machinery data, operational performance, maintenance and any faults or breakdowns. The Liz Jackson Engine Room Log Book features everything that you would expect.

Using our 20 years+ in the industry and specific consultation with chief engineers, it has been designed to maximise the amount of space that’s needed when making entries in the Log book. The double page spread enables ease of use and the luxury leather look and debossed imprint bring a lavish finish to the book.

As well as legal submissions to flag states in accordance with IMO, information included in the engine room log book is often used in the event of an incident and insurance claim so it is crucial that the right data is recorded, checked and retained accurately.

Data logging points included in our standard engine room log book include:

  • Main engine port and starboard readings
  • Pressure readings
  • Temp readings
  • Fuel readings
  • Exhaust temp readings
  • Propulsion engine readings
  • Running hour counters
  • Engine RPM
  • Engine Load
  • Generator readings
  • Other machinery readings (e.g. AC Plant, Steering Gear, Fridge/Freezer)
  • Watermaker records
  • Tank information; bunkering, oil, sludge, bilge (ROB) 
  • Watch Keeper/Chief Engineer Sign-Offs

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