Garbage Log Book

Longevity of use:

A legally compliant garbage log book with a luxury finish

All vessels with a garbage management plan must carry a garbage log book in which to record all discharge of rubbish into the sea as well as any garbage delivered to incinerators or port waste reception facilities.   Garbage classifies as all types of food and also operation and domestic waste.   

This record is a legal requirement under regulation 9 of The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL).  This Convention aims to prevent or minimise both operational and accidental and includes 6 annexes.  Annex V is “The Prevention of Pollution by Garbage from Ships”, which was introduced in 1988 and dictates which garbage can be disposed of, how and where.  

Our garbage log book complies with MARPOL and UK regulation MGN 632 (M+F) Amendment 1 “The merchant shipping (prevention of pollution by garbage from ships) regulations 2020”.  Our garbage log book includes data logging points for:

  • Date and time of discharge
  • Estimated amount of garbage discharged/incinerated
  • Type of garbage and where discharged
  • Position of the ship
  • Garbage categories (plastics; food and waste; domestic waste e.g. paper products, rags, glass, metal, bottles, crockery; incinerator ash; operational waste; animal carcasses; fishing gear; e-waste)
  • Signature fields
  • Discharged at sea/discharged at facilities records

This log is available in A4 Portrait only.

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